Better World

Better World - Our ultimate mission is to create real diamonds.

Green Rocks ultimate mission is to create real diamonds, improving on mother nature, and in the process, making this a better world.

We believe lab created diamonds are a superior product to dirt diamonds. Diamond mining has huge environmental costs for our planet, not to mention the human costs historically associated with the process. By contrast, Green Rocks Diamonds are, by definition, Conflict Free. Our Green Rocks Diamond Laboratory requires very little labor and carbon offsets mean our carbon footprint is virtually zero.

Better World - Our ultimate mission is to create real diamonds.

We are not just creating Diamonds.

The purpose and main goal of the lab grown diamond industry is not alchemy; it is not to grow a 100 carat, cut and polished diamond. The main purpose of the lab diamond industry is for high tech applications of diamonds such as laser lenses, surgical knives, water purification devices, high pressure anvils, semi-conductors, and more.

The price of each of these functional diamonds is more than the prices of a diamond gemstone of the same size. Thus, only grown diamonds that are not perfect enough for high tech applications are cut and polished and sold to consumers as gemstones. These diamonds are still routinely much finer in quality than the majority of earth mined diamonds

When you purchase a Green Rocks Diamond, you are investing in the future of humanity. Your purchase of a lab grown diamond directly funds research and development efforts to improve the use and efficiency of lab diamonds in the next generation of technological advancement and achievement. We are not just creating Diamonds. We are creating a better world.