Our Company

Our Company

Green Rocks was founded in Aventura, FL in 2016 by a visionary group of high tech entrepreneurs in partnership with some of Israel’s finest diamond cutters. Their vision…to bring technology and old world diamond cutting craftsmanship together to create the world's finest lab created diamond. By combining the diamond needs of High Technology together with the needs of the Jewelry Industry, Green Rocks gets virtually 100% utilization of diamond production. There is no waste.

Total Vertical Integration

Because Green Rocks is a totally vertically integrated company we control the quality of every diamond from the first molecule of carbon to the sale and delivery of the finished diamond to the finest jewelers around the world. From our Laboratory, to our cutting factory, to our retailers, the diamond never leaves our hands. This gives Green Rocks a level of quality control that is simply not possible with mined diamonds. The result is the Green Rocks Diamond…a better diamond for a better world.

Better Diamond, Better Value

Our Vertically Integrated business model also creates a value proposition that makes Green Rocks Diamonds a much better value than any other lab created diamond. This creates the opportunity for consumers to enjoy a larger, much higher color and clarity diamond than they could possibly afford with a mined diamond.

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