Real Diamonds

Real Diamonds - A Better Diamonds for a Better World

They're both diamonds, they have the same chemical properties, the same physical properties."

-John King, Chief Quality Officer of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Real Diamonds - A Better Diamonds for a Better World

Rather than selling diamonds dug out of massive holes in the earth, Green Rocks proudly offers only REAL diamonds that are laboratory-grown using a proprietary process that results in a diamond that is virtually indistinguishable from a mined diamond. We call this process Real Grown Technology. Green Rocks Diamonds are sustainably cultured by recreating the extreme pressure and temperature required to convert carbon into a diamond, crystal structure.

Green Rocks Diamonds have the exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties, and physical properties as a mined diamond - carbon atoms arranged in a cubic crystal structure. Green Rocks Diamonds are REAL diamonds, not fake, simulants, or cheap substitutes. Green Rocks Diamonds are the hardest material on Earth and are approximately 10 times harder than sapphire and 100 times harder than cubic zirconia.

Our proprietary Real Grown process for growing diamonds is one of the most precise and difficult manufacturing techniques that humans have ever achieved. It took almost 60 years to develop the precision to grow gemstone quality diamonds larger than one carat. Today our Real Grown diamond growing process results in a diamond that is actually superior in overall color and clarity to most earth mined diamonds. Our technology has come so far that we are now producing 2,3 and 4 carat diamonds and larger to the delight of gemologists, jewelers and diamond connoisseurs around the world.

Real People

Real Diamonds - A Better Diamonds for a Better World

But the world’s finest lab created diamond rough crystal is just half the story. What makes every Green Rocks diamond the world's finest lab created diamond is our people. As a partnership between High Tech Entrepreneurs and one of Israel’s finest Diamond Cutters, breakthrough technology is married to legendary Old World craftsmanship. At our state of the art diamond cutting factory in Israel, our master diamond cutters have been challenged to cut the most beautiful diamonds they have ever created. They put decades of diamond cutting skill and passion into every Green Rocks diamond. With the higher overall color and clarity of Green Rocks Diamonds, the results are nothing short of stunning.

Finally, every Green Rocks Diamond is graded on the exact same criteria as mined diamonds (the Four Cs), by the exact same independent gemological laboratories that grade Earth-extracted diamonds. Compared to mined diamonds, Green Rocks Diamonds have fewer impurities and fewer defects in the crystal structure. Our white diamonds are greater than 99.99999% pure carbon. This makes Green Rocks Diamonds whiter, brighter, and stronger than the vast majority of mined diamonds. This is why our biggest challenge at Green Rocks is trying to keep up with market demand. At Green Rocks, it's the human element, the genius, the skill and the passion that make us who we are. It's our people who are changing the diamond business and our world.

Real Beauty

Real Diamonds - A Better Diamonds for a Better World

Real Diamonds, Real People, Real Beauty…this is the Green Rocks difference. There are many companies making lab grown diamonds, but none are superior in quality to Green Rocks. By uniting the best technology to the finest diamond cutters, we have created the finest Lab Grown Diamond on earth.

At Green Rocks, our unique, proprietary Real Grown Process and quality control results in a much more natural looking diamond. Most lab-grown diamonds have a pink, green or blue cast. Green Rocks Diamonds have a natural yellow cast just like the diamonds found in nature. Think of it as nature improved.

So the question is, if you could buy a superior quality diamond, a whiter, brighter, more beautiful diamond, that is both environmentally friendly and conflict free, wouldn’t you? Green Rocks Diamonds…a better diamond for a better world.